Massages at Reasonable Rates

Cheryl Merriken, LMT, Owner

I am a provider and an advocate of alternative therapies 1st, then medicine. Through personal experience, I have learned that massage therapy improves my clients physical, mental, and emotional state, and has no negative side effects. This is the main reason why I've chosen this profession.

I have worked at Austin Springs Spa and Skin Deep Medical Spa, as well as, Kingsport and Jonesborough Senior Centers.

Taking care of yourself is essential. A consistent massage therapy routine, along with eating healthy and exercising, assists in achieving the highest quality of life, longevity, and happiness. I enjoy helping you.

My focus is to help you maintain your good health and well-being.

By charging reasonable rates I am able to accommodate you financially, making your goals a reality.


Essential Health Massage is conveniently located 1.1 miles from the Dairy Queen off of I-26 exit 13. The lower level of my residence serves as our spa and is a serene, laid-back space.

Please ring the bell at the door next to the garage door please for your 1st time. 

We are professionals that are experienced in various modalities of massage, very professional, and happy to assist in your healing process. I am married with 2 sons and 2 daughters and 2 very friendly dogs. I am an Ex-Merchant Marine (sailed various types of ships all over the world for 13 years) and served during Desert Storm. I worked as a Substitute Teacher for 12 years (five in Panama City, Fl. and 7 right here in Tennessee), My passion: Women's Ministry and bringing out the best in people, making others feel better, camping, being with my dogs, and hiking. We are a member of Angie's list.